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  • $49.95

    The NuGrout Recoloring Kit has everything you need to transform your grout. The kit includes: 1 NuGrout Colorant and Sealer 8 oz bottle, 1 NuGrout Cleaner and Pretreat 8 oz bottle, 1 application tool, 1 cellulose sponge, and 1 pair of latex gloves.

  • $24.95

    NuGrout Colorant and Sealer is a powerful, 100% acrylic recoloring product that penetrates deep into grout to add a fresh, new appearance that will renew the look of any tile installation.

  • $12.95

    NuGrout Cleaner and Pretreat is a potent phosphoric acid-based concentrated cleaner used to remove dirt, soap scum, rust stains and mildew from ceramic tile grout. The product also lightly etches grout to prepare an ideal bonding surface for NuGrout Colorant and Sealer.

  • $32.95

    NuCaulk is a color-matched, ultra-premium, siliconized-acrylic sealant that can be used to caulk around a wide range of surfaces in interior, exterior and wet areas.
    Minimum Order: 2

  • $8.95

    The NuGrout Application Tool is designed to make easy work of your grout recoloring project.