Cleaner and Pretreat


NuGrout Cleaner and Pretreat is a potent phosphoric acid-based concentrated cleaner used to remove dirt, soap scum, rust stains and mildew from ceramic tile grout. The product also lightly etches grout to prepare an ideal bonding surface for NuGrout Colorant and Sealer.

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NuGrout Cleaner and Pretreat is an integral part of the NuGrout recoloring system, working together with NuGrout Colorant and Sealer to provide long-lasting, professional-quality results.

Product Details

  • Use to thoroughly clean and lightly etch grout joints prior to the application of NuGrout Colorant and Sealer.
  • Use to restore grout joints to their original brilliance.
  • Use for interior and exterior grout cleaning applications.

Additional Information

Application Notes

  • It is highly recommended that NuGrout Cleaner and Pretreat be used to properly clean and prepare grout surfaces prior to the application of NuGrout Colorant and Sealer.
  • NuGrout Cleaner and Pretreat is a concentrate and may be diluted with water up to 100%, especially if only light cleaning is required.
  • Use of NuGrout Cleaner and Pretreat may not be necessary when using colorant to correct or change the color of a brand new, unsealed grout installation. Test colorant on a small area for proper penetration and adherence prior to use.

Handling and Storage

  • Always follow product safety guidelines during storage and use (reference product SDS for complete details).
  • Close cap on container after each use.
  • Store product in original container only.
  • Product shelf life is 36 months when unopened and stored at room temperature.
  • Use only when surface temperatures are between 50° F – 90° F (10° C – 32° C).


Below is important documentation and information for this product that can be opened, printed and downloaded.

Technical Data Sheet


Application Instructions


NuGrout Cleaner and Pretreat is a concentrate and will typically cover approximately 10 – 35 sq ft per oz (300 – 1000 cm2 per mL) at full strength. Amount needed may vary greatly depending upon the condition of the grout. For example, heavily stained grout may require deep cleaning with the formula at full strength, whereas slightly soiled grout may only need light cleaning with the formula diluted, and brand-new grout installations may not require cleaning at all. Inspect your grout to determine what would be best for your project. If you need assistance, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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