Recolor Grout Like the Pros!

NuGrout is a system of products designed to restore, renew and rejuvenate grout installations with professional-quality results. The NuGrout System is the choice of grout and tile restoration specialists everywhere with a decades-long proven track record of performance, while also being a favorite of Do-It-Yourselfers. By choosing the NuGrout System of products, you’re using the very best, backed by professionally-proven results and the longest-lasting performance money can buy.

NuGrout Recoloring Kit

The NuGrout Recoloring Kit has everything you need to transform your grout. The kit includes 8 oz bottles of grout colorant / grout stain and cleaner, an application tool, a sponge, and latex gloves.

NuGrout Colorant and Sealer

NuGrout Colorant and Sealer is a powerful, 100% acrylic grout colorant / grout stain that penetrates deep into grout to add a fresh, new appearance that will renew the look of any tile installation.

Cleaner and Pretreat

NuGrout Cleaner and Pretreat is a potent phosphoric acid-based cleaner used to deep clean and lightly etch grout surfaces to properly prepare them for NuGrout Colorant and Sealer.

Siliconized-Acrylic Sealant

NuCaulk is a color-matched, ultra-premium, siliconized-acrylic sealant that can be used to caulk around a wide range of surfaces in interior, exterior and wet areas.