About NuGrout


The NuGrout System can restore your grout to its original brilliance or revitalize it with a new color for an updated, modern appearance. NuGrout gives new life to all kinds of tile areas, such us floors, walls, shower and tub surrounds, pool decks, and many others, saving a ton of effort, downtime and money over demolition and replacement.

NuGrout is a system of products that have been designed to renew the look of tile installations with professional-quality, long-lasting results. These products are the choice of grout and tile restoration specialists with a proven track record of performance, while also being a favorite of do-it-yourselfers.

NuGrout has been the preeminent grout restoration system for well over 15 years, but the proven performance of these products goes back even further. In fact, the formulas behind NuGrout products were trusted on some of the toughest jobs by leading grout restoration professionals for decades prior. In 2006 we decided to offer the everyday consumer this technology as an easy-to-use system under the name NuGrout.

Today, NuGrout products are used with great success all over the US and Canada by consumers and professionals for renewing tile areas in homes, condos, apartments, and investment properties; in schools, dormitories and other institutional facilities; and in commercial buildings, retail spaces, and hotel and hospitality areas. By choosing the NuGrout System of products, you can be confident that you’re using the very best, backed by decades of professionally proven results, offering the longest-lasting performance money can buy.